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Thread: Scrambled eggs.

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    Scrambled eggs.

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    I eat scrambled eggs for breakfast (out of 3 organic eggs, cooked on extra virgine olive oil) basically every day.

    Are there any long term health risks in eating that amount of scrambled eggs daily?

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    Most likely no. There are a few people who can get some GI upset from eating too many eggs. Eggs can also contribute to depression in a very small number of people as well.

    But if you feel good eating eggs - then go ahead and eat them!!
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    I sure hope not because I have been eating 3 eggs with homemade salsa everyday also. Huevos rancheros are my favorite!

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    perhaps that its not enough....add three more eggs.

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    Like from the cholesterol? Nope. There actually are no good, reliable studies that show that dietary cholesterol or saturated fat contribute to coronary heart disease. So enjoy your eggs.

    The only negative thing I've heard is that eggs are a pretty common allergen and that, occasionally, people will develop an allergy to them over time. I eat them almost every day, though, and it hasn't happened yet. And my cholesterol has always been normal, too.

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