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Thread: Excess exercise 'hurts the heart' and cause dangerous long-term harm

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    Excess exercise 'hurts the heart' and cause dangerous long-term harm

    Extreme exercise such as marathons may permanently damage the heart and trigger rhythm abnormalities, warn researchers.

    They say the safe ‘upper limit’ for heart health is a maximum of an hour a day - after which there is little benefit to the individual.
    Excess exercise 'hurts the heart' and cause dangerous long-term harm, say scientists | Mail Online

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    Seriously? We created a race modeled after a guy that DIED doing it???

    Anyway, I've wondered about chronic cardio and marathon-type stress for years. I remember hearing that you should work muscles every other day (so something like upper body MonWedFri and lower body TueThuSat), but then they always said cardio should be every day. But isn't the heart muscle too?

    Definitely not a scientist, but that always bothered me.

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    I think you can do 8 hours of varied, moderate exercise per day and be fine. It is the intense, repetitive stuff that hurts you.
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