I am 100% sold on Paleo... The diet, the exercise, the whole thing. I've never felt so good and I am getting in great shape.

My wife, however, is not 100% supportive. First off, she is a vegetarian, so the fact that I just became a serious meat-eater is tricky. She has never minded that I occasionally ate meat, but now I am asking her to cook/prepare it for me in mass quantities (She is a stay-at-home-mom who does most of the cooking). She is hispanic so all she wants to cook is mexican food, italian food, bake breads and cakes, etc. She even has a shirt that says "I LOVE CARBS!" She is in great shape, too. She works out and takes great care of herself.

She will eat fish sometimes (pescatarian?) so there is that, but I am loving my grassfed roasts, my free range chickens, and my pulled pork, and my fish.

There is no convincing her to eat paleo with me, trust me.

I want to stay 100% paleo forever! I can't see myself going back. She wants to be supportive, but is finding it very hard to basically shop for and prepare 2 different meals. One paleo meal for me, and one regular meal for her and my toddler son.

What the hell do I do now? I have no problem making my own meals, but I find that it takes something away from a family meal where all of us sit down and eat together.