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    Quote Originally Posted by Shamia View Post
    I live in the Netherlands, but will be travelling to the US for a holiday. Yay!

    We intent to do a road trip through Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Florida.

    Road trips to us mean: drive a day, stay at a cheap motel, visit town/city, sleep at same motel, drive on.

    This will come down to eating at road side eateries a lot. Are there any places you guys can recommend that are less bad? We don't have a lot of fast-food/road side restaurants in the Netherlands, other than McD, BK and KFC.

    Also, if there's lingo for how to order a coffee at Starbucks (whole cream, no sugar, coffee), I'd appreaciate it!

    Stay out of inner cities.

    I wouldn't recommend those states in the first place. Go Northwest instead.

    BBC News - British men shot dead on holiday in Sarasota, Florida

    Your life is very much at risk if you inadvertently step into one of the quasi "NO GO" Zones.
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    Large swathes of the US are effectively War Zones. You have to understand this.

    Maybe not in the classical definition of a War Zone, but almost the same amount of risk.

    Safe pockets are increasingly rare. Northwest states are your best bet for a nice vacation and for good people.

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    Scared much Dado? These were 24 year old kids in a tourist area... must be more to the story. Random stuff happens!

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    Quote Originally Posted by springnr View Post
    Scared much Dado? These were 24 year old kids in a tourist area... must be more to the story. Random stuff happens!
    LOL, yea, "random".

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    Dado, people travel through all of those states daily and do not get killed. As for the NW, hasn't Seattle already met its all time highest yearly murder rate and the year is only half over? Nothing against Seattle, it's a great town but every where can be dangerous. Hell, I am sure there are places in the Netherlands you do not go at certain times. It is certainly true for large cities in other parts of Europe.

    One road side eatery in that part of the US (and pretty much on Interstates everywhere) is Cracker Barrel. It is your general heart attack on a plate, southern cooking. That said they do have low carb options if you swing that way. I bring them up not because the food is great but because they are everywhere. You should be able to get some decent BBQ in Tennessee and seafood along the coast of Mississippi and FL.

    Carls Jr as someone else mentioned has burgers wrapped in lettuce which work and most places will do their best to meet your requests (as long as they are not too outlandish). I've had luck just trying local places along the way. The best BBQ I have ever had was in Louisiana at some random interstate exit. The building looked like a shack that was ready to fall down but I would slap my mother to eat those ribs again. (Then I would run because she would slap me back )

    If you want heavy cream at Starbucks you can order a latte 'breve' Usually they have half-and-half out to put into regular coffee. That said, I wouldn't worry about the lingo too much. Just tell them what you want. "Yeah, a coffee with some heavy cream in it" or whatever. That said, many places in the US are waking up to quality coffee so again you may want to try local places if you find them.

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    I second Yelp and Chowhound.

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    I live in St. Louis, which has been ranked, many times, the "murder capitol" of the U.S.
    It laughable to us, really. It's mostly the people shooting people who they know, in the north-side of the city. We'll protect you, if you come here

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    all I can say is that I hope this is not your first trip to the US, because if so, I fear it will be your last. Please don't let your impression of those states impact your impression of the US as a whole. Yikes. That said, I think you'd be best off sticking to grocery stores if possible. Or just say the heck with it and experience southern food for what it is. In some towns you might be able to find some decent restaurant food, but I'd suggest avoiding fast food if at all possible.

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    Wow, I can't believe half of the folks on this thread (the other half had actual suggestions). And Dado - bullshit. I haven't visited a state yet in the US where the entire population was a criminal write-off - it must be your experience due to your attitude, or maybe you just have a penchant for looking for trouble and then blaming it on others when you find it. I was born in the South, did a stint in Texas, and then was mostly raised in the North when I wasn't in Europe because of my immigrant mom. EVERYWHERE I found nice people and EVERYWHERE I found food I would return for.

    Shamia, I hope you have a ton of fun! I am really glad you are choosing to do the road-trip thing and not just head for Disney (for example). Here are my suggestions:

    I agree - please do not discount tiny roadside places. My husband is a junkie of one unlikely joint in North Carolina just for its BBQ that he will risk missing his flight for; and an out-of-the-way place outside of Baton Rouge for its crawfish etouffee.

    Do some homework before you leave the Netherlands. Google "Georgia food" just to see what a little of the food history is, for example. This will give you an idea of what you could be asking for in any of the states you are visiting.

    You will find small festivals and fairs just everywhere. There is, in almost every real town, and certainly in every county seat, something called the "Chamber of Commerce / Tourism Office". Find this address and go. They have the master list of every food happening in the area, and they are more than happy to help interested foreigners find eats.

    Bend the Primal rules. When I was in Amsterdam, I ate the stroopwaffel and drank the Advocaat, too. And you know what - it was yummy.

    Southerners have a notorious sweet tooth, so plan for sweet tea and lots of desserts. Or plan how you plan to decline them.

    I agree - get a cooler. Ice is available everywhere, and if you don't find anything you like, you will at least have Primal in the car from something purchased from the grocery store.

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    Having no idea when the time frame of this trip is, let me just say that it is HOT right now in Northwest Alabama (June 2012). Other than seeing the superneat Cathedral Caverns and extremely primal Dismals Canyon (which are underground and very cool), I'd avoid summertime sightseeing this way. Well, Elvis Presley's birthplace in Tupelo, MS just a few miles away is airconditioned and a really interesting step back in time to a more-primal 30s-40s way of life, even if you don't like Elvis.

    Meanwhile, do not be afraid to travel in the Deep South. We will not eat you. We will however eat all kinds of venison, wild boar, and fried catfish. Most of the small town diners will deep fry their mothers in peanut oil though. You might want to be careful of that. And practically everything includes carbs--french fries, grits, biscuits, cornbread, peach cobbler, etc. I tend to stick to lots and lots of salads and grilled meats of many kinds.

    I wish we had a good local primal meetup group so we could all get together for dinner--Southern primal style!

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