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Thread: Thought on my new workout routine

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    Thought on my new workout routine

    1st some background. I've been lifting regularly since I was 16 (now 37). I started primal on Jan 8, 2012 at 177 and 17% body fat. By the end of April I was at 160 and 10%. Over that time I was also doing the 1 super slow set to failure as suggested by Mike Metzger and Body by Science. Seemed like I was making good gains strength wise as the reps or weight went up almost every workout. However, when I decided to lift a little heavier the other day, I was shocked by how few reps I could bench at 180 (about 1/3 of my peak). Additionally, even though I lost mostly body fat, there definitely has been a significant loss in size (biceps are 3/4 of an inch smaller than they were last year).

    So I started a new program yesterday that I made up. I start with the hi intensity 1 super slow set of a circuit to failure per body by science. After the circuit, I took a 5 minute rest and then did 2 heavy sets of the same exercises and threw in some 100# KB swings at the end. I'll be doing this 2x's per week in addition to the 5 hours of basketball and 2 hours of volleyball each week.

    Here's the routine
    Day 1
    Super slow
    Nautilus Squat
    DB inc bench
    Follow that up with 2 sets heavy of the same exercises and add KB swings

    Day 2
    Super slow
    Dumbbell deadlift (Actually aggravated my back with barbell last week so I'm moving to DB)
    DB Bench

    Follow that up with 2 sets heavy and kettle bell swings

    Results: I felt a pump like I haven't felt in many months and I am a little sore this morning and probably will get a little more sore as the day goes on. It only took about 35 minutes and I was definitely shaky when I was done!!


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    Get down to 6-8% body fat
    add about 10 pounds of muscle
    be the strongest I've ever been
    and add another 6-8 inches to my vertical for basketball and volleyball

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    If one of your goals is jumping higher then I would recommend box jumps. I like to work them into high intensity days and can definitely feel the payoff when jumping up for a rebound or a spike.

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    I would dump incline bench and just do press. If you are looking for some explosive power, add in power cleans.

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    Going for 2nd round of the workout today! Have a lot of calories to consume afterwards

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    Sounds good to me. Although I never could get into super slow training.

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    I am not sure doing your exercise in circuits is the the best way to go. Although it can be done it is hard to rip and get big at the same time.
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    Why not just do 5/3/1 and work on power cleans and box jumps for accessory work? And why do the superslow at all, if it's so obvious it was a dismal failure at getting you stronger?
    If you are new to the PB - please ignore ALL of this stuff, until you've read the book, or at least and this (personal fave):

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    160 @ 10% is pretty light...
    Drop bodyfat and gain 10 pounds of muscle... not likely to happen at the same time.

    the fastest way to this would be following starting strength principles until you have a gain of ~30 lbs (including bodyfat), then cut down to ~10%... netting you at about 175 @ 10%.

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