1st some background. I've been lifting regularly since I was 16 (now 37). I started primal on Jan 8, 2012 at 177 and 17% body fat. By the end of April I was at 160 and 10%. Over that time I was also doing the 1 super slow set to failure as suggested by Mike Metzger and Body by Science. Seemed like I was making good gains strength wise as the reps or weight went up almost every workout. However, when I decided to lift a little heavier the other day, I was shocked by how few reps I could bench at 180 (about 1/3 of my peak). Additionally, even though I lost mostly body fat, there definitely has been a significant loss in size (biceps are 3/4 of an inch smaller than they were last year).

So I started a new program yesterday that I made up. I start with the hi intensity 1 super slow set of a circuit to failure per body by science. After the circuit, I took a 5 minute rest and then did 2 heavy sets of the same exercises and threw in some 100# KB swings at the end. I'll be doing this 2x's per week in addition to the 5 hours of basketball and 2 hours of volleyball each week.

Here's the routine
Day 1
Super slow
Nautilus Squat
DB inc bench
Follow that up with 2 sets heavy of the same exercises and add KB swings

Day 2
Super slow
Dumbbell deadlift (Actually aggravated my back with barbell last week so I'm moving to DB)
DB Bench

Follow that up with 2 sets heavy and kettle bell swings

Results: I felt a pump like I haven't felt in many months and I am a little sore this morning and probably will get a little more sore as the day goes on. It only took about 35 minutes and I was definitely shaky when I was done!!