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Thread: Thought on my new workout routine

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    Already went this route before. Used Vince Delmonte's stuff and went from 165 to 182 in about 3 months. Did have a lot of improvement in muscle mass and strength, but it had a terrible affect on slower, lost a lot of vertical, and on top of that my hips and knees became very sore after volleyball and basketball.

    If 17 pounds can have that affect, I can see why hip and knee replacements are a goldmine

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    Good point - going from 10% to 6% while gaining 10 lb of muscle is a job that would take a load of 'roids and some pretty extreme lifestyle mods for most people, I'd imagine.
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    How old are you and at what level are you playing basketball / volleyball?
    Is there an off season?

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    First off, trying to build strength and going for a pump at the same time does not compute. Bottom line: if you want to get strong, you need to stick to basic lifts, low reps, and heavy weights. The only other way is to do death sets, but very few people have the intestinal fortitude to go to true failure (a.k.a. spent to the point where you don't want to stand back up after collapsing)If you want to get explosive, add in Power Cleans (I recommend doing these first, while your central nervous system is still fresh), Jerks, and Box Jumps. You will put on muscle, but like everyone else said, it's extremely hard to build muscle AND burn body fat at the same time.
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