I really joined this forum because I'm looking for more information on applying the Paleo/Primal approach to bodybuilding, figure, fitness, and other physique sports. There is so much out there about the approach application for endurance athletes and then of course there are cross fitters, but I'm a figure athlete, and much of what is preached about flies in the face of the standard for how a figure/fitness/bodybuilder prepares for a contest and lives daily life.

Our needs as athletes are unique in that we need fuel to train of course, but we also need to be eating in such a way that fosters a lean bodyfat percentage for the competition stage. We need to sculpt our bodies in order to achieve a certain "look". Although I'm aware Robb Wolf has tackled this question a bit in an interview with Robert Kennedy, I have not found much else about the application of the approach or how macros could and would be manipulated to suit the needs of an athlete who's body dosn't need to FUNCTION for a competition, but needs to LOOK a certain way.

I have successfully adhere to a Paleo/primal approach for two contest preps now with shockingly amazing results. However there are some facets of the approach I'm struggling with and would love some feedback on.
1- Sugar on a contest prep, mainly fruit. In the past I've been taught that fruit is to be avoided at all costs on a contest prep. Staples include usually oats, quinoa, brown rice, ezekiel bread, yams or potatoes. I have had success PERSONALLY switching to Paleo/Primal by using yam and apple.... but I'd love more opinions

2- Bodybuilders and figure athletes eat multiple times throughout the day, typically 5-8 meals spaced about approximately 3 hours apart. This is something I've been struggling around- I personally eat 6x a day and althugh I'm WELL aware of the info out there on less frequent feedings, this is one habit I struggle to break or find a way to adapt. My meals are comprised of paleo/primal foods, but my feedings are still frequent

3- Typically getting ready for a show involves 2 cardio sessions a day plus weights which is a lot of overtraining- I've managed to downgrade and I do a lot of walking and then HIIT work (sprinting etc) which has helped me to eliminate some of the training volume, but many athletes out there still do copious amounts of cardio in prep for a show

4- Pre and post nutrition? Thoughts?

5- Intermittent fasting? How would that apply to physique athlete in a contest prep?

6- Calorie counting? This is a CORNERSTONE of a physique athlete, h0ow many calories per day and from what macronutrient source (carbs, protein,fats). What are recocmmended macros for a figure/fitness athlete?

Basically I'm still seeking some answers on adapting this approach to suit a bodybuilder/figure athlete's lifestyle. As a figure athlete myself and someone who runs a business in which I train this type of athlete, I feel very strongly that an effort has been made to reach out to endurance athletes, but what about aesthetic athletes as well? I'm a STAUNCH advocate of the lifestyle, I just feel I need to learn more about applying it to this group of individuals.