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Thread: Your thoughts on caffeine

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    Your thoughts on caffeine

    I'd like to hear everyone's thoughts on coffee. I thought it strange that many Primal people avoid other beans but still have coffee, which is a toxic bean, right? And must undoubtedly produces a stress response in most people. What's your approach?

    Have you cut down?

    Did you naturally need it less due to eating less junk?

    Do you simply make sure to get a quality source, low on toxins?

    Have you quit completely? Did you go cold turkey, cut down gradually, or use a more primal-friendly alternative?

    My personal story with caffeine is a love-hate relationship. I'm addicted to diet cola, which obviously has to go because of the evil chemicals, and although I like the taste of coffee I find it a bit overstimulating. I can't drink tea either as it has sulphites, which I'm allergic to. I've been trying out some herbal teas, such as gota kola (similar to ginseng), and peppermint tea. I've tried unsuccessfully to quit caffeine before and ended up sleeping a lot and feeling depressed. I don't want to end up depressed but I can't help wondering that beyond the withdrawal stage there might be a different, naturally energetic version me that was there all the time, but was being hidden by the drug effect?

    I also eat dark chocolate, which has caffeine, but I'm feeling so crap lately that I could gladly take it or leave it if it meant I would feel better!

    This seems to be an emotive issue. I've read some evidence for and against drinking coffee as part of a primal/paleo lifestyle, but it seems that many people find it hard to judge it objectively, since they are hopelessly addicted!
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