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Thread: Jac's Countdown to 50!

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    Jac's Countdown to 50!

    In 287 days, 4 hours I'll be 50. I started eating primally on Feb 18th, 2011, and have been keeping a journal here that tracked my journey from a physical wreck into a new place of understanding. Now, taking a leaf from Paleobird's book, I'm restarting my journal with some goals that are related to my birthday next March.

    I have pretty wicked IBS, and have tracked my triggers to dairy, nuts and nut products, too many FODMAPs in a short time, and most indigestible fibres like brassicas. I also get abdominal issues related to stress, tiredness, and over-or-under-eating. I'm also probably about 20kg overweight - maybe 25kg, and physically weak. I also know that really low carb is the fastest way to get depressed and really, awesomely angry. I'm usually pretty even tempered, but over a few weeks of low carbing I can put Cruella de Ville to shame. I need those carbs. That's the bad stuff .

    The good stuff is that I'm about 11kg lighter than when I started last Feb, I'm heaps stronger, and I know what my food triggers and needs are .

    Now the in-between stuff that I want to work on over these next days, weeks and months. I eat too much sugar, and am currently having a bit of a struggle with cravings. I drink coke zero - that stuff is like cocaine for me; I love it. My sleeping is a bit erratic, and I'm feeling stressed even when there isn't all that much to be stressed about! In the last few weeks I've noticed that my use of pain killers is back up - I used to take them every day, then after being primal for about 6 months I didn't need them at all. Now I'm experiencing pain again - my eating has slipped and I'm paying the price. Stimulants are appealing to me, but I want the consistent energy of good health, rather than the sharp highs and lows of supplements/substances. In spite of my cola habit, coffee gives me the jitters.

    I want to get heaps stronger, and have a programme to follow that has lapsed recently. I know losing weight probably should be on this list, but honestly I don't feel like I have any control over that, so I have to chill about it. I get panicked when I try to count calories or analyse my food intake according to macronutrients, and so far have always failed at that approach.

    So that's about it. This journal is about accountability - applying the things I've learned, and improving on them.

    About me: I'm a lecturer/researcher at a Uni in New Zealand, I have 4 kids who have all left home, a lovely husband who hasn't left home , a big old villa in a country village where we keep ex-racing greyhounds (2 of our own, and foster dogs sometimes) and 2 ragdoll cats and work periodically on renovating. I have 2 granddaughters from daughter #2, and another grandbaby on the way from daughter # 1 (due on July 6th), who all live about 4 hours drive away. Life is very good. I want to be around for as long as I can, contributing to our family and having a great time.

    Please say hi if you've dropped in!
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    Started Feb 18 2011

    Tried basic primal and almost everything else in pursuit of IBS control, mood stability, and weight loss.

    Journalling here

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