Hi everyone,

I'm in sort of a predicament. My immune system is extremely temperamental, so I'm mostly paleo, and by necessity. I react badly to dairy, egg, soy, and any grain but rice. So, I'm trying to find creative, healthy, primal versions of things like smoothies, for example. The smoothie recipes thrown around on here sound delicious, but there's always that "whey protein" or "sodium caseinate" (a milk protein derivative) monkey wrench. I've never found any kind of protein powder that I can have, as most are made with dairy, egg, soy, or some nut/grain I can't have LOL. To top it off, I'm somewhat new at all of this, and I'm encountering kind of a hurdle/roadblock. I've been doing bacon for breakfast every day and although it's YUMMY I'm getting a little bored.