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Thread: VFFs question

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    VFFs question

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    I just got my first pair of VFF (Sprint). The salesperson measured me as a 41 but there was a lot of room in the heel and my toes felt like they were flopping around in there, so I went with a 40. They are very comfortable for the most part, and I did a 1.5 mile hike (around Devil's Tower! Cool break-in). The only problem is that on the left one, it is tight around the back of my ankle, like the elastic is too snug. I'm wondering if there's a way to gently stretch it, or if they "break in" like some shoes if I just wear them enough, or what I should do? I'd hate to end up with a big blister or something and be off of them for a period of time. Has anyone else had experience getting VFFs to fit perfectly?

    Started PB on Monday, June 4. I'm focusing on my health in 2012, including taking natural supplements, zumba and strength training, regular church attendance and studying the Bible, spending time with good friends, and reading more. I want to see what health milestones I can achieve this year!

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    I got a pair of Kimodo LS in a 42, now they are slightly too big since they have stretched. I still wear them, but I find that I need to adjust my feet as I walk for long distances. I got a pair of Sprint in a 41. They are more snug but I am confident that they will stretch like my other pair did.

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