I have an observation more than a question, and would like to hear other's thoughts on this.
I have noticed when looking through different Paleo/primal recipes that there seems to be
a fair amount of recipes that are "bread replacements", like, things made with coconut flour
and almond flour. Not that I am knocking it, but I thought the idea of going Paleo was to
get rid of things like bread etc. I guess maybe I just dont' understand? I quit eating
bread/crackers/cereal/etc. when my husband did about 2 months ago (he has had serious
intestinal problems for the last few years and is missing 12inches of his intestines due
to surgery). I don't miss it...in fact I never really thought about it afterwards; I certainly
wasn't going to buy it just for myself.
On another dietary note, I haven't eaten SAD in almost 20 years,--I eat more like WAPF style
eating, although I was a vegetarian for 13 years prior to raising our own livestock which we do now.
No grains (rice on a rare occasion and sprouted millet) since he quit them and the only dairy I intake
is yogurt (that I make) and a bit of milk in my coffee.
So, do people make all these bread-type things because they miss them? or what? I may
try to make some Paleo "pizza"--it looks interesting.