I almost wasn't going to start this but figured since I just hit a weight I have been trying to see for the last 5 years, I would have to document this somewhere I could get support from people who understand my madness.

I feel like a crazy person when people look at me when I say no to that piece of cake, bread, or pasta.

I hit 190 this morning. Yeah that's right 190.
I been doing the CW and Atkins plus Hard Cardio when I've been able to for about 5 years now. After medical issues, of the female kind i went through a partial of the dreaded female surgery at only 32. After recovering from that I ran 2 5k's 1 10k and in the middle of training for my second 10k had to stop - I had to have foot surgery - I was killing myself slowy and didn't even know it - all the while using the SAD and CW to continue gaining weight - for the past two years I have tried my best to get below 190 - Atkins, Volumetrics and the SAD. i even hired a trainer! She wanted me to eat 6 times a day!!! I can't eat 6 times a day. I physically cannot do it. So I gave up and just figured i'll just keep on running and doing cardio till my body just gives up. And then i remembered PB tucked away in one of my book shelves and thought to myself, it can't be that easy.

So I pulled it down wiped it off and started to read it, I mean really read it. not just skip to the menu part ( you know you did when you first got it).

I have never been one to eat breakfast - I'm just not hungry in the morning. So I got my S***T together, and talked myself out of the cookies, cupcakes and dingdong coma. ( not that I ate those but they fit together nicely)

Coffee: I drink it black - it's taken me a while to get to that in fact I still have to look at it and ponder..... no I will survive drinking black coffee is not hard. no sweetener, no cream, no milk. Fighting cancer is hard.
Meals: Meat, protein, vegetables (real, from the earth not frozen),
After Meals: Only at lunch afternoon snack is fruits = Strawberries, blueberries in the raw
After dinner: Hot teas (non caffeinated)

I have been IF'ing till dinner time every 3 days or so. It makes me feel good knowing "I" have control over my body and "I" can help myself by giving my digestive tract a rest and lowering my chances of sugar spikes. Reaching into my primal self (please tell me I sound corny!).

PLAY!!!! I bought a frisbee! My son and I have a blast!
My DS plays Soccer - He didn't know mom had moves!
I consider riding my bike 4 miles PLAY too because I enjoy it now.
I also broke out the BOCCE set.

HIKES: I go on every other day hikes ( my plantar fascia is messed up right now do to CW exercise regimen so i have to baby it with ice and stretches)

Lift heavy things: I have been in spring mode cleaning out closets and the garage and also trimming trees around the house. Do laundry baskets counts?

Inspiring, PB, yes. Me? not yet . but I'm Working on it, one day at a time, at a slow and steady pace.