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Thread: Does any natural sunscreen work?!

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    Interesting stuff. I had briefly read about this a few months back too so I tried a little experiment on myself today. I went out in the sun, sitting around etc with no sun screen. It was for a little over 3hrs. I didn't burn. I can't say this would have happened last yr when I was eating SAD and had consumed much lower Vit D. I've been primal for 4 months now and during that time have consumed 4000 IU of vit D per day (before that I consumed 2000IU for a little over a yr). I'm excited to see if this works through out the summer. I'm so not interested in slather myself with these chemicals and would opted to cover up and stay in the shade if need be.

    I should also point out, I never burned as a child back in the 80s. I do not remember my mom ever putting sunscreen on me. I do however remember in highschool slathering sun oil on Nice, eh?
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    I was going to experiment with a bit of gentle tanning this weekend, as it's a bank holiday.

    So of course mother nature decides the rain must bucket down!! Oh well! *pops a vit D supplement*
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    Is sunscreen necessary to use if I don't burn for the time period I stay outside (maybe 2-3 hours)? I've never burned much, but started using sunscreen on my face in my 20s because I thought too much sun accelerated aging and wrinkles. I've stopped using sunscreen now because of the chemicals, but still wonder about the aging issue.

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    Once I got my vitamin D3 levels up, that problem greatly lessened. I can now use a natural sunscreen on my face and neck without burning.

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    I've gone sunscreen-free since spring 2011 (one year before discovering MDA and becoming primal).

    There is no secret, just tan progressively and avoid early sunbursts, after 2 weeks I reach the point where I can tolerate 8 hours of sun exposure per day without any issue. I am dark-blonde with green eyes, other people may take less or more, this is highly subjective.

    In addition to this, I agree that the primal diet helps alot. While last years I was in the range of dark-caramel, now I look more brown. And the tanning season has just begun!

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