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Thread: Maximizing Probiotic Fermentation

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    Hmm that's interesting that people say you're supposed to. No, I usually use pineapple or honey dew melon or bananas or a combo - and never with skin. Mine always turn out great. So no, the people who are saying that are wrong. That being said, my fermentation device is pretty awesome - it has 2 semi circular stones to keep the fruit/veges below the water, and also a rim where the lid sits is filled up with water so absolutely no oxygen can penetrate while its fermenting. My brother who makes this stuff only using jars usually gets mediocre results at best. The only thing I should add, is that if you try this its a good idea to add a bit of salt that contains no iodine. And the water used should have little to no chlorine (ie if using tap water, filter it).

    Do you eat paleo?

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    Yes, I'm paleo (no grains/dairy/legumes) and just recently I've been trying to add a little more saturated fat to my diet. I was eating a ton of fruit and veggies, but my longstanding IBS got worse and has only shown improvement with cutting down on the fiber, hence my concern with the peels.

    I have reverse osmosis water that I add back minerals to using Concentrace Minerals, so the chlorine shouldn't be an issue. Is pink himalayan salt ok? It doesn't have added iodine, just whatever amount is naturally in the salt.

    Where did you get your magic fermenting crock from?

    BTW, I was trying to find some more info on speeding up lactic acid fermentation, but couldn't really find any new stuff, until I found a link to a recipe for making a fermented 'cleaning product' which looks like something to drink, honestly. The woman suggested adding yeast to speed up the fermentation, and that got me wondering about adding something like nutritional yeast to fermenting stuff. It's probably not a good idea, but I may try it as an experiment. Of course, now I can't find the link to that site.

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    wow, well you seem to be doing a lot of stuff right IMO. The water and salt are both good for sure. I got it online. They aren't cheap at all but to me it was worth it. I feel like they are so over-priced, if only I knew pottery haha. Basically I couldn't find anything much cheaper than 150. Maybe 130 at the lowest - for me what killed me was shipping, because I live in Canada. I actually have since found a site that would've only asked for like 20 bucks shipping to me, but I was lazy in my research. . Amazon has it and other online sites. Not sure where you would look for one if you didn't buy things online. If you want I can give you the two best links that I know of. (one is an amazon link). They are called fermenting crocks, but most of them out there are Harsch Fermenting crocks (Harsch is the company....kinda like how kleenex and ski-doo are actually brand names).

    Hmmm, that's interesting about the yeast. I'll have to look into it. Thanks.

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