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Thread: My FAT ARMS help

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    My FAT ARMS help

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    Anyone with fat arms get results? Are great arms like abs and made in the kitchen?

    I am a petite female, only 5 to max of 10 pounds overweight with everything extra in belly arms and back, skinny legs no butt. Hoping this summer can eventually be bare arms.

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    Download Mark's Primal Blueprint Fitness guide. The exercises in there are great and it has levels to step up so that even a non gym rat can get started.

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    I have fat arms and it sucks. I can wear a medium tank top no problem, but need XL or bigger sleeved shirts. I've seen some fat loss in my arms, but my skin isn't tightening. I do a lot of upper body, which builds in muscle, but doesn't "tighten" that much. I'm probably eventually going to get plastic surgery, but I have a feeling your arms don't look like mine.

    I'd say stick with your diet and weights, and maybe try a firming cream or something so you don't end up with saggy skin.

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    I have fat arms, too. What seems to work is general weight loss and the exercises in the Primal Blueprint Fitness ebook. I can't do any chinups or pullups but I can do 2 real pushups and I can do other exercises and they do seem to be helping (including the 5lb dumbells you all scoff at, so there). I'm kind of on the verge of having halfway decent looking upper arms. At some angles you can see little triceps bulges.
    Female, 5'3", 50, Max squat: 202.5lbs. Max deadlift: 225 x 3.

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