Hello everyone,

James, 32m, in law enforcement.

I am 3.5 weeks into paleo diet/fitness. I started May 7, 2012 and weighed in at 187.8 pounds. The heaviest I have ever been. I am tall (5'11") and generally thin most of my life. My ideal weight is 170 lean lbs. After 3 weeks, I have lost 10 pounds! I was really low on carbs and working out a lot, so the weight fell off, but my eyes were constantly dry and red, my energy was low and my recovery was long, so I added a small portion of sweet potato to my lunch and feel like I could run a marathon after an intense workout.

A typical day for me food-wise:

Breakfast - Paleo Smoothie:
1/3 Can Full Fat Coconut Milk
A few bluberries and a couple frozen strawberries
1 raw egg

Lunch - Kipper Snacks! (60% fat / 40% Protein)
1/2 cup baked sweet potato cubes
1/2 cup broccoli
2 small low-sodium V8 Veg Juice Cans

Dinner - Roast!
My wife makes me a grass-fed roast from whole foods that lasts me the week for dinner. Slow cooked with carrots, tomatoes, onions, broth, etc.

I did some quick calculations and estimate this current meal schedule is about 75-90 grams of carbs per day, which would put me in the weight-loss zone. When I get to my goal weight, I will adjust accordingly.

A typical workout week for me: PBF!

2 days of LHT - Bodyweight exercises, 2 cycles of Pushups, Pullups, Squats, Military Press, and Planks
3 days of MS - Walking, Elliptical, Hiking, Biking
1 day of Sprints - I alternate 6 x 50 yard sprints and Bas Rutten Boxing CD (12 x 2min max effort rounds heavy bag work with 1 min rest between rounds)

That's it! I will update often and start posting pics of my progress. Any thoughts, ideas, suggestions from my fellow paleo Groks and Grokettes is most welcome!