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Thread: Snacking - what are your views?

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    Just read this, and it appears that Mark snacks?! I Can’t Eat Anything! | Mark's Daily Apple

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    The problem I have is that the animal may have a lovely life but its the slaughtering process that upsets me, it is not quick and painless and although animals have no idea of mortality they sure can smell fear and get very stressed when they do not know why they have been taken away from their natural habitat

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    Thanks Danielle and Sleepy Roots.

    The vegetarianism was for a myriad of reasons... but from going primal I realise that my health reasons were misguided! So now it's only an ethical thing. I actually don't mind people eating meat - I think it's natural, but my problem is in how the animals are treated in order to become food. I live in the U.K, and the parameters for what constitutes "organic" and "free-range" are just laughable. I believe it's even worse with fish.

    Being veggie I don't have to engage with all that. However, I am starting to think that being veggie is actually a lazy way out of the whole thing. It would be much better to campaign for conditions that create better quality meat (and a happier life for the animals).

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