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Thread: Interesting changes

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    Interesting changes

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    I went from eating like crap to eating a vegan diet the past few years. I noticed lack of energy, lack of clear thinking and a myriad of other health issues. I had severe breast pain two whole weeks before my period, my asthma and allergies also intensified during
    those two weeks. The doctor said the same thing over and over.., stop drinking coffee, chocolate and wine. None of those were an option in all reality. I have a small piece of dark chocolate with a glass of red wine most evenings, and coffee.., well, not gonna happen, my friend. Anyway, the past two months I've given up grain (I fail every so often, but rarely) and I have limited my dairy significantly to yummy non-pasteurized raw cheese (with baguette. There's my grain fail).

    I'm thrilled beyond thrilled to say that even with a few stumbles in only less than two months I *think* SO much clearer, (I'm 49), I feel better than ever, I've lost only 5lbs, but I'll take it. I wasn't overweight to start. My skin and hair look better, but the significant changes are hardly ANY asthma and NO breast pain. Not even a little.

    I'm still scared to really start exercising, not sure why I'm hesitating, but that's next. I'm absolutely convinced that this way of eating is helping me. The coconut milk, oils, etc are wonderful. Having meat again is oh so yummy! The expense of buying free range organic is very hard on the budget, but I think worth it.

    And to think.., I just stumbled across the web site by accident one day. So glad I did!

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    That's fantastic Bjmedd!
    You don't have to be sick to get better.
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    Welcome. Exercise is good but food is by far the most important. And moving at a moderate pace ~5 hours/week is the most important exercise.
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    Just walk. Best exercise there is.

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    I've just started my second month and I've only been walking as my exercise. This month, I'm incorporating the lifting heavy things.

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