Well I admit it, I am in a mid life crisis and about to sign up for a 1/2 (mini) adventure race in November. would have signed up for the full length version but all places sold out in 3 days flat...So down to do the mini one instead.

The 1/2 coarse distance is as follows - 3.4km trail run - 600m swim - 6.4km ski/kayak paddle - 13.4km mountain bike and finished witha 2.4km beach run.

My current level of fitness - I can swim 1hr at the pool 1800m doing 100-200m repeats with 1/2-1min rest, can swim 300-400m with out stopping, I can run 5km non stop (slow). No problems biking 20km commute to work on roads (~1hr each way on a MTB with knobbly's) and I can Standup paddle 10-15kms and paddle a fat slow fishing Kayak 10km's no problems but will need to get on a faster kayak/ski for the race. So the fitness base is slowly been built and now I just need to concentrate on getting the swim up to 600m non stops, the paddling sorted and stringing a few legs into brick sessions.

My proposed Training Plan for the next 4-6 weeks is as follows:
Mon - Rest day
Tue - Ride bike to work and home (40km return 20 km each way, 2hrs total)
Wed - Pool swim (30-45mins) working on building my 100m sets up to a 600m swim
Thur -Kettle bell Tabat or body weight session morning, sprint session lunch or evening
Frid - Rest day or pool swim pending how I feel
Sat - Paddle ski training 1-2hrs, afternoon bike ride or swim
Sun - Beach jog 30mins and either beach swim or surf

After 4-6 weeks I will start to brick a few legs together one day on the weekend, I will also monitor how I am going and reduce either time that I train or days I train or drop KB/BW.

Appreciate any comments/changes on training plan or tips. I am also looking at doing a 4 day MT bike race the weekend before the adventure race, but will hold off entering that for a couple of months to see how I am going with above training plan. The 4 day MTB race will be about 3 hours per day traveling 220 km over the event so will up my bike riding the last couple of months.

Any other adventure racers on here. Looking fwd to this and kids are keen to do a junior version as well (45min obstacle coarse)