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Thread: PDX'ers - The Cultured Caveman cart is open!

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    PDX'ers - The Cultured Caveman cart is open!

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    They had their grand opening today and it is very good! They did not have the full menu so DH and I settled for the frittata muffins, fried chicken and kale/cabbage salad. All of it was very good quality and we can't wait to try the beef cheeks. The aioli could have used more garlic or something and the salad could have a little less ginger (this coming from a ginger lover) but I'd order it all again (and will.) It's at 15th and Alberta, just follow the smell of beef tallow.

    Ironically, it is surrounded by 3 other carts that are FULL of gluten.

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    Definitely going to try this, when I get back to PDX! I just started following their twitter, too.
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    Damn! I looked for it last night and somehow missed it!

    I stopped for lunch at Fried Egg I'm In Love on Hawthorne and had their OK Commuter sandwich (minus the bread).
    Delicious! They even threw in an extra egg in place of the missing sourdough.
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