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    Men who are vegetarian turn me off.

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    I have been noticing as i've been dating around a little, that vegetarian guys turn me off. Or if a guys is trying to "watch his weight" so he eats a vegetarian meal. I know it is not really his fault, because he is brainwashed with what is healthy b.s on the news. But seriously, grow some balls and eat meat. Ugh. I hate that. So I now expect the guy to eat meat, that's a deal breaker for me now. Weird. Anyone other women feel the same way?

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    no, but i think having strong opinions around the dietary choices of your mate is pretty normal. I myself am a recovering vegetarian (both hubby and I are), and honestly, if he hadn't eaten the same way as me all these years, it would have been pretty difficult to live happily together. So, I say, good for you, it's better to know what things are dealbreakers than to end up with someone who makes you crazy.

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    I just don't like pale skinny-flabby dudes, which happens to be a fairly common bodytype among vegetarians.

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    I can't date a guy who doesn't eat meat. I like my men more masculine than I am.

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    I know this one absolutely drop dead gorgeous like an underwear model vegan guy (unfortunately married) for whom I would completely zip it about the benefits of PB.

    Healthy vegans don't seem to be the norm however.

    At 50, most of the guys in my age range are falling apart and on so many medications.

    I met this one guy on line who was Primal and a crossfit buff (and hot) but we had 180 degree opposite opinions on politics and religion. Oh well.

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    In a similar vein, I could never date women who didn't care about themselves in terms of what they put into their bodies. I once lasted about a week or two with someone who consumed nothing but Coke and Ragu. Concern for your innards is sexy!

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    One of my best friends is a mostly-vegetarian. Ditto on teh skinny pale & not-too-strong. I have a hard time not blurting out "eat some meat before you keel over!" at random moments when we hang out.
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    The vegans I met back in the day were actually kind of hot.

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    Personality is what is important, not all vegans are militant.

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    Give me a gal that can go head to head on the ribeye:-)

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