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Thread: Hair removal

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    Hair removal

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    Have any dudes found the urge to remove body hair after dropping to lower percentages of BF? I am a pretty hairy and I was putting it off but finally figured what the hell... man, I can actually see the definition. Not to mention I think I look better... thoughts?

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    Noooooooo! Leave the hair where it belongs. Primal women like their men hairy.

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    I'd probably try it once if I had any definition - right now I'd look like a shaved pig but considering I only shave my face with a trimmer and then only about once every couple of weeks I wouldn't do it more than once.
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    You can trim it on the chest/stomach area, just to keep it from looking like something could nest in it. Don't go very short though, chicks hate that shit. It's like hugging a cactus (I was told once).
    I get rid of the ol' kidney and shoulder hair with a razor in the shower, but anything else is either as nature intended or groomed.
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    Unless you're like a yeti, don't do it!! Hairy men are sexy! Trimming is ok, and natural peach-fuzz is ok too if you're not that hairy, but I personally don't like the shaved look.

    I'm so jealous of guys, I'd love to not have to shave but I don't want to be a scary hairy woman!

    Hairy back looks ok if you're tough-looking as well. Love my man's hairy shoulders

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    Yup, I love a hairy chest on a man.
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    Yeah, shoulder hair and all the hair on my back that I can reach are outta here. Everything else stays.
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    From what I understand is a vast majority of women do prefer their men to have hair on them. To quote a friend, "I don't want to feel like I am doing it with a twelve year old." But trimming is not bad. When you put your arms to your sides and under arm hair is flying out, it's time for a trim. Same goes for the back hair, as another poster pointed out, nothing should be able to "nest" in your hair. If any hair looks like something could nest in it. Trim, but start out minor... I had a mishap when trimming once. Grabbed too short a clipper head and, well.... yeah, it wasn't a pleasant regrowth experience.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CahoonTiffa View Post
    I'd love to not have to shave but I don't want to be a scary hairy woman
    Yeah, me too. Curious to hear opinions from primal men on how much hair they are cool with on their ladies, especially in the bikini area.

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    Lol judging by the responses in here i would say it must be a slightly older crowd....never met a girl my age who didnt prefer a smooth chest and at least a close trim other areas and i have never even seen a girl w any hair in the bikini area except on hbo when i was younger.

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