Hello from a new member in the UK.

I've just found this primal world and really pleased because it just seems intuitively right and my first couple of weeks are showing some positive results unlike many things I've tried in the past.

I'm a 48 year old man, 6'4" and 265 pounds (in american money :-)). I'm naturally broad/muscularly built and when much younger I was well toned and muscled (serious competitive rugby does that to you!). However the years and a desk jockey lifestyle have taken their toll so I'm now somewhat overweight as you can see from the numbers and I have definitely lost most of the muscle I used to have.

I joined a local gym last year and started their cross-fit sessions. They were quite fun but I found them too competitive - maybe my problem - and the coach pushing too hard. In January I ended up tearing the cartilage in my right knee - 20 years ago (in the rugby days) I had surgery on it to rebuild it after multiple dislocations.

Shit happens so I could have lived with that and recovered and gone back but I'm not happy with the fact that the gym instructor never called me back to discuss the tear and what we do next despite repeated phone calls to him after the incident.

Anyway, in March I had surgery to remove the cartilage and I'm now committed to doing things my way at my pace. The diet is going well, full plank is fine; press ups from knees - I can do 50 and can see myself working to full ones fairly soon. Pull ups is one for the long haul but I'm doing the stages Mark suggests.

My problem is the squats. The pain has now mostly gone although it's there on bad days but laterally the knee still feels weak and I am certainly not going to risk pushing it given my medical history. So my question is if I can't (yet) do squats, what should I be replacing them with?

Thanks for your advice.