So, Knifegill and I are looking to buy a house with some acreage for our future children to roam on, to have some sheep and chickens, and to grow lots of fruits and veggies. The problem is, we aren't raking in the money, so most properties in our price range have problems: there is car oil in the soil/water, the land is a swamp, or the whole property is a steep hill.

If it doesn't have one of the above problems, it's under a powerline. One property we're looking at starts about 500 feet away from the powerline, and the house is on the far end of the property (a total of 1,000 feet away). Now, Grok didn't have powerlines, and we'd rather not as well. But, is 1,000 feet (most of them forested) far enough away? What are your thoughts about powerlines?