I am writing here because I have no one around me who really understands or can help me with my dilemma. Or maybe I just need to vent like a child.

I began eating a low carb, high protein, and low fat diet almost 1.5 years ago. After three months, I lost all my pregnancy weight, but my body just didn't feel right. Worse, the sugar and carb cravings were always there, and it concerned me that I would inhale a bunch of cupcakes any moment (which I did end up doing quite often). I still wanted to lose 10 pounds, so I began working out and eating well during the week. In the weekend, I indulged on sugary, carby treats.

Then I found Mark's website. It took a while to wrap my head around this fatty situation, but then finally bought into it. It has been around three months since I have been eating Primal. I also IF from time to time and eat when I am hungry. I feel SO much better. I have lost 10 pounds, and my body is in the best shape ever.

I have lost all my sugar and carb cravings, and I attribute that to my high fat consumption. Then why do I keep going back, from time to time, to my old unhealthy "treats?" For instance, two days ago, I wanted to have some ice-cream. Or I thought my mind wanted some ice-cream. I ate ice-cream. It didnt do anything for me. But I still ate it. I continued eating it, in the hope that it would do something for me. It didnt.

This seems so wrong. Why isnt this sugary, carby stuff giving me any "pleasure"? This sounds silly and weird and stupid, but I am so sad that I have lost that part of me. And in a confusing way, I am happy that that part of me does not exist anymore. Yet I feel that I will continue jeopardizing myself from time to time with this weird behavior. Ok, there are worse things out there in this world, but I mean, how can someone have no unhealthy, bad-for-you, indulgences??? More importantly, how can I be that someone? That seems quite impossible...given my life-time track record on ice-cream and dessert.

Am I the only one out there with this strange struggle/relationship with the old way of eating?