I've been living Primal since 1/3/12. No sugar, no grains, no legumes. And no processed foods. I started feeling pretty good after a week or so. I know I was losing weight -- clothes were fitting better, some extra energy.

No real idea how much I was losing -- at that point I was beyond the capacity of the scales available to me (they top out at 400 lbs). I was eating right, exercising, experiencing some results -- but unable to track, and I was feeling like I "should be" losing more.

In mid to late March, I made some adjustments. Cut out all nuts. Dropped the half and half from my coffee. Started doing some IF'ing. And another thing -- I started using Fit Day to track my eating, activities, and soon to come, my weight. Now, I know that many will say that going Primal means you don't need to count calories. I get it, I believe it. Yet for me, measuring and weighing what I was eating helped me see more clearly that while eating Primal, I was eating more than I needed, and enough to slow my weight loss.

So I started the tinkering...eating less. Feeling Great! Amazed that I could be so satisfied eating less food (the right food!). I couldn't believe that I could go 24 hours without eating! What a concept to me!! Now, I regularly fast from dinner Friday to dinner Saturday. And the other days I find myself eating twice a day. Some people find it hard to believe when I tell them I do not go hungry. Twice a day, that's it. When it's dinner time, sure, I am ready to eat. But I'm not "starving" (like I used to feel before eating SAD).

This morning, as I weighed myself, and then entered my data in Fit Day, I was so pleased to see that since 3/28/12 (the first day my weight would register on the scale -- at 400 lbs), I'm down 50 lbs! My BMI on 3/28/12 was 55.79...this morning I am at 48.81 -- 6.91% difference.

I still have a long way to go. Hell, I have a good sized person still to lose -- my goal is to get to 200 lbs -- and I WILL get there! And most importantly, stay there (or who knows, maybe lower!).

I read these forums daily. Your words of wisdom and your experience have helped sustain me in many ways. I wanted to share this milestone, in part 'cuz hell, I'm proud of it! And in hopes of inspiring someone just as I have been. If I can do it...YOU can do it too!

More updates to come....

John K.