Hello my name is Joel

This is my first post here

I have been eating primal for over 4 months.

I caught an airborne virus about 5 months ago where I was throwing up for 12 hours, it was really awful. I recovered, and did not think twice about it.

Last weekend I caught a virus whereby I literally just had fatigue, aching and pains, with head migraines. It took about 6 days to leave my system.

Now related to this last virus I caught and other times I have felt ill during the last 4 months, I could not stop thinking "is it my diet". Naturally I am aware that life does not work like that, you cant eat a salad par se and expect to have less chance of catching a disease than someone guzzling down a big mac, and that there are many factors involved.

Now I wanted to know if anybody else shared a similar experience. Its very funny how before I went primal, I would get sick and not think of the causes. Now I get sick and I immediately point the finger at the diet.

Could somebody give me some advice/moral support?

I am not here to say that I was under the illusion I would not get sick, in fact I have not had a cold since going primal.

Catching an airborne virus surely has nothing to do with diet and is unpredictable.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts.