My story is very similar to many of yours. I'm 48 years old, 49 this June, female, 5'6", former vegetarian, former raw vegan (well, for 6 months anyway), now giving this WOE a chance.

My weight steadily crept up to 180 after being around 150-160 most of my life. I own a restaurant and catering business, so the temptation of good food is always around.

I have no health issues - yet. But I also have no health insurance. I'm philosophically opposed to for-profit medical and health insurance. So part of why I"m doing this is to be in control of my own health.

My doctor put my on a low-carb diet, and in order to get myself motivated to stay on it, I started looking all around the internet and landed here. I read Gary Taubes book during the christmas break, went on a low carb high fat diet for four days and lost seven pounds, then hit a stall and gave up.

This time I'm giving it 30 days. It's been 13 days so far and I've lost nearly 6 pounds.

I do feel fatigued, and not much like exercising. I figure that will all fall into place. I've been tracking my nutritional intake on my fitness pal app.

Random thoughts about this WOE:

I'm shocked by how easy this is.

I find it hard not to tell everyone, though I suppose people don't want to hear about it. I just want to let results tell my story.

I look for more "evidence" on the internet every day to keep me motivated. I like the swedish diet doctor's blog. Tons of good videos there.

I don't always want to eat breakfast, so that fits in well with intermediate fasting.

I didn't go #2 for four days, but that seems to have regulated.

Today I was out having a spa day with a friend and had slightly more carb (65 grams vs my usual under 50).

Notice my hands are aching every day, but that is something I've been experiencing on and off for years since I work so hard and with my hands, too.

Am a little confused about cheese since I really really love it and don't want to give it up.

Can't imagine eating organ meats, yuk, and I don't like fish,but I want the nutrition. Hmmmm. Will have to figure something out there.

Can't believe I've been almost two weeks without grains. Wish me luck!