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Thread: 5 months Paleo/Primal - The results and the journey continues

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    5 months Paleo/Primal - The results and the journey continues

    What a fantastic journey the last 5 months has been. I started on Paleo/Primal in January 2012. I am (male) 6'3" and my starting weight was 255 lbs. I felt terrible. Tired all the time (exhausted). Diagnosed w/ sleep apnea and using a CPAP for 2yrs. Little to no exercise. Come home from work, eat, and on the couch I went.

    Today I feel great! Bodyweight or light cardio/bike/sprint exercises every day – avg. 30 mins. Active, energized, and much stronger. This morning I weighed in at 208 - down 47 lbs in just under than 5 months! Sleep apnea no more, no CPAP. Doc appt this afternoon to get my first round of blood test results since starting Paleo - comparing May 2011 to May 2012

    Tot Cholesterol: 225 to 180
    LDL: 143 to 125
    HDL: 55 to 42
    Tryg: 85 to 71

    The hardest part was the first 2-3 weeks as my body adjusted to complete dietary change (for the better - thank you Mark Sisson and this site for guidance and the books). Then my energy and progress just exploded.

    Is this a diet? Not anymore, never really was. It is a lifestyle. Cannot wait to see what where I am in another 5-6 months, 1yr, 3yrs, etc.
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