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Thread: My blood sugar spiked up to 9.2, not diabetic! Panic?

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    My blood sugar spiked up to 9.2, not diabetic! Panic?

    I'm having a little panic session here. Ive been under 50 carbs and always when I test my sugars are in the low normal range. Today I had 1 Thai salad roll with a little peanut sauce and about 1/2 c cooked rice with about 1/2 c cooked veg/chicken on it. pretty small portion, i was sharing. After an hour I felt a little funny. Finally 1.5 hrs after eating I tested my blood sugar. 8.8 thought it must be a mistake, so I tested again, 9.2 !!!
    I know above 7.8 does damage.
    So I'm posting this from my exercise bike.
    Scared the daylights out of me. Does this mean I am diabetic?
    Or is it because I'm not used to carbs?
    I used to have low blood sugar issues, but eating primally has stopped that mostly.
    Aaaaaah.... Please help!
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