Hello to the kind and wonderful folks at MDA! The people posting on this forum are by far the nicest, most supportive group I've ever seen and I just wanted to first and foremost thank all the posters for making this such a friendly environment. My problem is this:

Since going Primal I'm having a really, really hard time eating enough (and this has NEVER been a problem before!). I'm 5'10" and in the last two-three weeks have dropped from 135 to about 127-128. I feel great, my energy is up, my skin is clear, I'm strength training and getting stronger, but the fat is DROPPING off me faster than I can even hope to put on muscle. I've always had a more "boyish" build, so the fat on my chest is minimal and I'm not liking how gaunt and bony my chest is looking. All the bones of my sternum can be counted from across the room :/. Now, if I may, let me give you a little background so you know what I am eating and all that jazz and maybe you can help me.

I'm a relatively new Grokette (having eliminated grains but not the added sugar until, you guessed it, around two-three weeks ago), though an old hand at eating whole foods and the WAPF ideologies. The only thing I really did to go primal was cut out sugar and carbs. I do consume dairy in the form of local raw milk (mostly just in my coffee, or sometimes I like a small cup before bed) and the occasional bit of local cheese. I found out I had celiac's and I'm not the kind of girl to half-ass something, so instead of cutting out wheat I found MDA and said goodbye to grains entirely and have felt wonderful! I don't miss sugar either and nightly square of dark chocolate and a teaspoon of honey or so in my coffee in the morning is enough. I haven't eliminated any fruit since I already ate that in moderation anyway.

I've been monitoring what I eat so I know I'm getting enough fat and protein and to learn the right ratios and all that jazz. Well and good. But now I find that I don't wake up hungry anymore AT ALL, so I don't eat breakfast till 9-10:30 when I do start to want food. This leads me to not get hungry for lunch until 2:30-4 and even when I eat on the earlier end of that range I still haven't been wanting to eat dinner. I'm just not hungry. And everything that I've learned here seems to focus so much on listening to your body that I haven't wanted to force myself to eat dinner. Sometimes I'll have a little something if I want it, and once I sort of wanted dinner so I did eat but... it's been hard. Surprisingly so. And this is from a former if-I-don't-eat-every-three-or-four-hours-I'll-eat-your-leg-so-back-off kind of girl.

So, folks, to sum it up, my surprising primal problem is that these foods are SO satisfying and I find myself getting full quickly and staying satiated for a very long time. My calorie intake has been consistently very low (between about 1,000-1,400) in spite of piling on gobs of fat, eating wonderful, fatty cuts of meat, (of course getting my veggies), etc. I'm down with nuts and nut butters too! And I make raw milk kefir to use in my smoothies to get some good probiotics and fat in there. My point is... I'm definitely NOT afraid of food. I don't want to gain fat weight, sure, and I'm all for having a lower body fat percentage, but the "results" of the Primal lifestyle are pretty dramatic! (And the protein/fat/carb intake has been a solid 25/60/15, with about +- 5%/day, and my fat intake is always above 50% and I've found it hard to get my carb intake above 60-70g/day and it is usually a lot lower)

I definitely am not going away from Primal - Grok on all the way! - but how can I get more calories in me without getting nauseated? I don't want to lose body fat this fast, I truly don't have very much body fat to lose. I just want to be toned, fit, and healthy, whatever weight my body wants to be.

**** I should mention this important fact: I do strength and resistance exercises to try and build muscle but I do have to take everything very easy. I have a connective tissue disease, Ehlers Danlos Syndrome Type III, and my body is kind of... fragile. I have to take it easy and rest a lot and if I get too tired or do too much repetition I risk dislocation/injury etc. but I DO try and I have gotten stronger in the last few months of resistance exercises

Any and all advice would be appreciated so much! And thank you for reading through the whole rant. You guys ROCK and are an inspiration to everybody around you.