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Thread: Caveman Power

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    Caveman Power

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    The Caveman Power Diet

    Has anyone heard of this/done this? I love the end result and believe 100% in Primal, but I cannot seem to "get" there. In fact, it seems I have started over everyday for the past year!!! I pump myself up, have the plan, have the food, have the knowledge, but once I get out of bed and go to the kitchen, I just feel so tempted with everything around me or I will even get a craving and seem to not find the strength to resist and even when to the store to get it.

    I thought the caveman power might be a good alternative to easy myself into adjusting instead of a one shot cut off....

    Any experience, thoughts, suggestions?


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    Interesting, but not for me. Not eating much throughout the day and then binging on crap foods at night = standard American diet, as far as I'm concerned.

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    I think it sounds like a lot of hard work. Fasting and then binging on junk food sounds like a recipe for extreme hunger and moodiness!

    I personally did primal blueprint eating for a few weeks with 3 meals a day at first. Then found I naturally was able to begin regular fasting. I now skip breakfast most days and occasionally skip lunch too. Eating 'clean' and with a high fat ratio seems to make fasting easy.

    It's hard to resist cravings when you have crap food in the house, get rid of as much of it as you can. My fella still eats bread and cereal but thanks to me most of our cupboards/fridge are taken over by delicious healthy foods. His health has improved even though the grains are still keeping him fat!

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