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Thread: Barefooting and Achilles tendonitis

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    Barefooting and Achilles tendonitis

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    Hi all, newbie here.

    I have a recurring achilles tendonitis brought on by playing sport. It first occurred 5 years or so ago and I have managed it since by prehab core work, occasional physio where soreness recurs, and wearing orthotics prescribed by a specialist. I wear the orthotics in all shoes and replace every 6 months or so, and I notice the additional strain on the achilles when I don't wear them. Ideally, I would like to return to not wearing them, run barefoot from time to time and realign that way. Is that possible for soemone with chronic tendonitis. Any suggestions welcome.


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    I used to to have Plantar Fasciitis in my CW days, was given orthotics that didn't really help. Took it on my own to research stretches and exercises to ease the foot. I have been orhotic free for 5 years and happily going around in Merrell barefoot shoes at the moment. So I think there is hope,
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    My achilles tendonitis went away after I ditched shoes and went minimalist. I also took 6 months off from running and let it heal. It was the worst injury I ever had and so far and going without shoes was the best thing I ever did. Stretched never helped and I think that is just a ruse anyway. Improving running form has gone a long way for me. No more heel striking.
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    In my opinion, the orthotics are making it worse, or at the very least keeping you injured. Go barefoot or minimal shoes as often as possible. Stretch your leg and foot muscles every day. That worked wonders for my PF (with 3mm heel spur).

    Walk barefoot alot. I wouldn't try running until you have some pain-free days, but that's just my personal opinion, I don't have any expert knowledge.

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