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Thread: Primal since 1 May 2012 - 24yo woman in search for health, energy and shape

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    Primal since 1 May 2012 - 24yo woman in search for health, energy and shape

    After scrolling several journals, I need to start an accountability track for myself as well!
    Here I am, 24 yo, working 2 jobs at the moment because i did not find a proper one yet (i am living in one of those EU countries where it is HARD to find a job, so i shouldn't complain!) and finishing my Msc studies..

    At the 1st of May, i was ready for a change! I did not know i suffered from stress, because really, it is difficult to piss me off so i thought the jobs - study situation wasn't a stressor.. but it is! I am always either on a train/ bus or on my desk. I realize now the bus/train thing is good, because i definitely sprint everyday!

    I munched on carbs, especially bread (10-12 slices "healthy" whole grain daily, at least) and crispy evening stuff. I am not overweight by CW, but gained around 10lbs during the last year and feel bloated. I still feel a little bloated but begin to see progress, so I will keep track from here on:

    5'7", 150 lbs, pant size EU 40
    Acne, lack of energy, water retainment on arms, legs and boobs.

    Goal: same height , lbs don't matter, pant size EU 38 and later 36.
    Resolving skin problems, energy, stress, shape.

    Of course, the stress will be resolved by finishing my studies, not by eating, but I guess i should already start my new life by being healthy!

    New regime: Play whenever possible; meet nature during the weekend (walks, frisbee, football); only taking bread when unavoidable (business meetings where i have no chance to not eat atm); cut out sugar amap; Eat full fat yoghurts/cheese/meat and VEGGIES! I love them, so lucky me.

    Sorry, long opening post. Please feel free to give advice!
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