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    heavy tired eyes and no energy

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    Hi I have been on the PB thing for about 2 months now and everything was going fine until about a week ago. I began feeling tired and real heavy in the eyes. This has gotten worse and now I have stopped training as I am always tired. I am a masters athlete and trained 6 days a week with a bout 100-150g carbs a day but not a heap of fat,some fat though. Could this be diet related and I have just crashed and has anyone else experienced anything like this. All responses will be greatly appreciated.

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    Could be you aren't eating enough ("some" fat might not be enough) over all. Getting enough sleep? How is your sleep? Any other symptoms?

    I don't know what a masters athlete is, but you could be over-training depending on what you are doing for those 6 days.
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    Could be the thyroid downregulating.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Knifegill View Post
    Could be the thyroid downregulating.
    ...which can be fixed in many cases by eating a ton of food.
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