So I've been eating *mostly* primal for the last year or so. When I say mostly, I mean I do have the occasional sweet and white rice...but its very moderate. Anyway, a few months back I started to feel pain in my right side under my ribs. It's mostly constant, but worse when I lie down. So I went to my doctor and he ordered blood tests to see how my liver and kidney enzymes were doing. Turns out they were fine. Then I got an ultrasound to check for gallstones, abnormalities in my liver/kindneys/spleen/pancreas.....everything clear. But the pain didn't stop. So then I added digestive enzymes to see if they helped. They didn't. So I went in again today with my food diary he'd requested and since there were no noticeable foods that seemed to trigger the pain, we decided to do a liver detox and stop eating meat for 3 days and record how I feel. He thinks its possible that the amount of meat I eat is hard on my digestive system. I'm open to anything really...I just wonder if he's right OR...perhaps the meats I'm eating aren't pure enough and my liver is tired of filtering everything? I don't know. I will report back though.

I gotta say, its near impossible for me, with my budget, to get organic meat every time I eat. Has anyone else had issues like this over the time you've been primal?