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Thread: Is 2% Greek Yogurt Ok?

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    It's hard to find full-fat yogurt anymore, so I use 2% Fage, add in a tablespoon of cream, smashed up blackberries, a small spoonful of Splenda, coconut, and top it off with Paleo Crunch. Yum!
    (caveat: I'm not paleo yet....I'm a transitioning vegetarian!)
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    I like adding sliced almonds or pecans. It cuts the sourness just a bit, without adding any sugar. But it's also delicious with honey or Grade B maple syrup. I love the Fage brand, but also get the Cabot brand here in New England. I would not recommend the Trader Joe's brand. Inedible!

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    I thought you wanted to get rid of all simple sugars including lactose? I love Greek yogurt and have been eating all non-fat plain but was considering a switch to full fat but am concerned about sugar making my high trips worse.

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