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Thread: Whole 30 for June

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    Day 9 update: University son is home for the weekend, and we are celebrating hubby's birthday and Father's day, since hubby will be leaving for a business trip in 5 days and will miss both. Supper tonight, by consensus between the returning son and his dad, was ribs. My recipe has a small amount of brown sugar and a large amount of ketchup. I boil the ribs in this sauce until very tender, then just finish on the BBQ. They are one of my best recipes. So I made them and ate 5 ribs worth, without any added sauce. Plus cheese free caesar salad. It was an awesome meal and I was stuffed! Dessert was a rhubarb crisp for the guys and I made myself a little Paleo rhubarb dessert. I kept out a handful of chopped rhubarb from the rest and added about a tbsp of water in a glass bowl. Cooked in the mic for 1:30, I think, then left to sit and soften. After a few minutes, I simply mashed it with a fork, added some sweetener and cinnamon and a few slivered almonds for a bit of crunch. It was yummy and a good alternative to the sugar-laden, oatmeal/brown sugar/butter crusted confection that I made for the others. (Without so much as a taste of the topping mix - a first for me, let me tell ya!)

    Today at lunch, we had a tube of goose liver pate, a surprisingly Primal-compliant product. But rather than spread it on bread or crackers, I was eating fresh-from-the-garden radishes, so I cut them into rounds and used them as "crackers" for the pate. Not half bad!

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    Day 9

    Coffee w/CM
    Skipped breakfast; not hungry and had TKD tournament class

    Black coffee

    Lunch (breaking a 15.5 hour fast)
    1 can of Wild Planet albacore tuna w/homemade paleo mayo, celery, carrot, onion, dill, black pepper, spicy mustard and crushed walnuts; BAS (spring mix of organic lettuces, cucumber); water

    Apple w/almond butter; handful raw macadamias

    2 Applegate Farms Super Uncured Hot Dogs; sauerkraut; spicy mustard; BAS (mixed organic lettuces, bell pepper); water

    7 organic strawberries, chopped, with 1 banana sliced, in a bowl w/CM drizzled (proceeded to get heartburn after dessert -- will avoid CM tomorrow)

    Vitamins - 3 omega 3s, 1 D3

    WOD - TKD tournament class (knee was aching, so I was only able to give it about 70%. Frustrating.)

    Went to the farmer's market today and picked up 2 pasture-raised chicken breasts (w/bone and skin) and 2 grass-fed beef shoulder steaks. Grilling tomorrow night! Other purchases (not from the market) include ghee, coconut aminos, coconut nectar, and CONVICT CONDITIONING, which I'm finding completely fascinating. And Loving Husband installed a Perfect Pullup bar -- while I can do standing rows, I absolutely cannot do even one deadweight chinup or pullup. Well, at least I have a benchmark! The day I can do one CU/PU I will know that I'm getting stronger.

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    Day 9 was a success for me too. Fully of cravings though. Not sure what that was about but I really wanted cookies today. Cookies are my weakness.

    B: (6 am)
    4 sausage links
    2 boiled eggs

    Movement: 5k walk with SIL in 55:18 pushing a stroller with a 35 lb baby girl and gear.

    S: (1 pm) pkg Hormel nitrite/nitrate free turkey breast

    Movement: grocery shopping

    S: (5 pm) bratwurst and sauerkraut at the race track

    Movement: chasing 2 year old daughter and 5 year old son at the race track.

    D: (11 pm)
    salmon filet sauteed in ghee
    sugar snap peas in a pool of ghee

    Mid-day meals were really lacking. Starving at 11 so I went ahead and made some salmon. Just sounded so good and I didn't want to go to bed with this hunger. Besides, the day was relatively carb free, not to mention uncommonly low on fat.

    No change on the scale. Still up a lb and still stuck at 202. Where did my 201 go?? I miss 201.

    On that note, I think I'll accept the invitation from my book and go lay down to read for a while. I hope everyone had a great day.
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    Correct, JackieKessler, I put coconut oil and ghee (or grassfed butter when not on whole 30) in my coffee. I put the coffee and 1 teaspoon of each (yesterday I did a tablespoon, cause I skipped breakfast) in the blender and blend it until it turns into a creamy consistency, almost like a latte. It's delicious!

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    Hi all

    Just popped in for an update and its nice to see so many doing so well.

    Its going really well for me so I definitely keeping going. Eating between 1pm and 7pm is also suiting me and I never seem to be hungry. Generally I'm stuffing myself on a large Chicken salad at lunch with mixed berries for desert and then having Meat veg and berries for dinner - tonight is beef and tomato casserole with loads of veg which is melt in the mouth in 45 mins in a pressure cooker so its also reducing my cooking time.

    I get through a couple of litres of water a day but don't tend to drink much else even though I have a cupboard full of herbal teas if I fancy something different.

    Coming from a period of eating Junk I feel far less bloated and have definitely lost some weight as my clothes feel looser - but as other have said this could be mainly down to my body not needing to protect itself from all the sugar.

    Anyway we're a third of the way there so good luck to everyone with the next third.
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    Good morning!
    another successful day under our belts! Can't believe I have made it this far.

    I did try some coconut milk in my coffee yesterday, like it pretty well. Tried it again today.

    So what are your thoughts on this for a Whole 30 breakfast smoothie?? I know that we should generally stay away from smoothies and stick to whole foods but I was in a hurry yesterday and threw this together.

    1/2 can coconut milk
    2 raw eggs
    1/4 cup frozen pineapple
    4 frozen strawberries

    Too much fruit for breakfast? Bad idea to do smoothies on a regular basis?

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    I think that smoothie looks really good. It's only too much fruit for breakfast if you have sensitivity to sugar. I prefer to do protein for breakfast and lunch and then add carbs for dinner.

    woke up this morning to 201 on the scale again. must have finally flushed some bloat.

    Niece's 4th birthday party today. It's gonna be a scorcher. Time to find the tank tops!
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    for jenn26: glad to help....glad you found it.

    seem to be doing well..Dr's appt Thurs- should be fun. He usually has to stifle his strong negative reaction to my answers about what I eat -EGGS, yes whole eggs. Yes, almost daily...etc. My bloodwork has been great, I have slowly lost weight to become "normal". He told me he can tell I work out by my there's no ammo for him to say" change!" Cant wait to tell him I cook those eggs in butter and eat beef almost daily, too!! Oh, isnt Primal FUN? Had a grilled, rare steak tonight, with baby romaine. Maybe its time for blueberries.
    Chcocolate cravings come and go,but its been 10 days with out! Go ME! GO EVERYONE!
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    Staying strong! Another birthday / family party today. Lots of crazy ny Italians with a ton of food. You'd think in 90 degree heat we would BBQ instead of eat the usual Sunday sauce, macaroni, meatballs, eggplant parm, bread etc!!!!! Luckily my dad grilled a ton of spare ribs as well. Safest food by far, and they were delicious. Gave me a bit of a stomach ache for some reason but I'm ok! Back to the daily work grind....I'm a teacher so only 2 was to go!!!!

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    Had an unplanned road trip to savannah this w/e but did great food wise. Eggs and bacon in the mornings, grilled seafood and salads other meals, macadamias and deviled eggs for snacks, strawberries when others were having key lime pie, I didn't want any and didn't feel deprived like I used to when dieting, this is a super plan, keep filtered water on ya, healthy go to snacks in ziplocs and you won't mess up.

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