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Thread: Whole 30 for June

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    Quote Originally Posted by collegeprimalgirl View Post
    ugh low carb flu today, either that or i'm getting sick.....but anyway
    DAY 4:

    B: 2 bites strawberry donut (it was from the strawberry festival and totally not worth it)
    CPG - Maybe it's not low-carb flu but instead a reaction to the doughnut from yesterday? Being grain-free for three days, then having even part of a pastry could be the culprit. Just a thought! (And good for you for having only two bites!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by JackieKessler View Post
    CPG - Maybe it's not low-carb flu but instead a reaction to the doughnut from yesterday? Being grain-free for three days, then having even part of a pastry could be the culprit. Just a thought! (And good for you for having only two bites!)
    Thanks that didn't occur to me! All the more motivation to not eat grains, and it wasn't very hard at all to eat two bites I've been 95% grain free for the last two months, everytime I've eaten something w/ grains I've found it just tastes bland. Yay primal!

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    Day 4 went pretty well for me, got some bad news that made me sick to my stomach so didn't eat very much but didn't feel hungry either. Usually bad news brings on sugar binges so I am pretty proud of myself for restraining from that.
    Skipped breakfest
    Lunch was a small salad with avocado, salsa, chicken thigh, romain and sprouts
    Dinner was 3 eggs (my 2 year old daughter suggested this and she ate 2 1/2 eggs with broccoli, son ate chicken with broccoli)
    night snack was about 7 prunes and about 15 almonds.
    Drank lots of water
    Movement was cleaning the house more (it was between 85-90 degrees inside so I was sweating alot) hand washed the car with the kiddos then cleaned the inside by myself because it was to hot to have the kids in the car. Before bed I did a 15 minute kettlebell workout as well as some 60 second planks.
    Felling pretty damb good.

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    attempted making "paleo pancakes" (eggs, banana,almond butter) for the first time today!
    Came out perfect and tasted fantastic *A*
    also forced myself to go to the gym despite the horrible weather, feel better after lifting weights c:
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    Didn't have lunch today. Didn't get hungry until like right now (and I'm only a *little* hungry). Going to wait until dinner at this point b/c it's only like 2 hours away.

    Headache seems to be going away which is a nice thing.

    I need to remember to POAS tomorrow to test for ketosis!!

    Steak for dinner with broccoli for me and baked tater for DH. Burgers for the kids as they don't like steak. maybe I'll pan fry some potatoes in coconut oil instead. Kids will eat those (well, DD will). I'll pan fry some sweet potatoes for me, maybe. Could go for some pan fried white potato with onion, though. Yum. Maybe I'll sautee some onions to have with my steak. that sounds good.
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    Breakfast: Bulletproof-ish coffee, ground beef, leftover sweet potato fries

    Lunch: Sashimi lunch special with coconut aminos. Had a few tea cups of the bone broth that is currently simmering on my stove (I had to taste it!)

    Dinner: Chicken livers sauteed with shallots, steamed kale with ghee, sweet potato with ghee and cinnamon for "dessert"

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    Dinner for me yesterday was an awesome BAS with a whole chicken. The chicken was on the smaller side, being free range and all, but dame felt like a pig eating it all, fair bit of juicy fat marinated in lemon and garlic. Dame was nice. Starting to slowly crave some carbs though, squashes aren't quiet doing the job unfortunately.

    I'd love some rice. Gonna have a banana today they usually help.

    Breakfast today was 3 eggs very lightly done cooked in beef stock fat, some sauteed carrots, mushrooms, spinach, bok choy and brussel sprouts. A can of sardines, half an avocado and 3 forkfull's of coconut oil. Had lil saurekraut before all that as per GAPS diet. Going to have to get mackerel in a can though as sardines are a strong flavour for breakfast, need something milder.

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    Black coffee with cinnamon this am, roasted chicken for lunch with some baby carrots and strawberries, more chicken for dinner with 2 grilled beef ribs, munched on some watermelon and nuts.

    My question is.... How much fruit is too much fruit? Today I didn't overdo it, but I could honestly eat 8 servings a day.

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    I'm a little late but can I join in? I'll start with today's food

    B 2 eggs + 3 slices of bacon + 1 decaf cafe latte with HWC
    L left over flat iron cooked in coconut oil with mushrooms and red onions + a piece of raw cheese
    S 3 pieces of 85% dark chocolate - ops
    D - grilled steak with low carb zucchini fries

    Is dairy Ok on this?
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    Of course, Bejelly, welcome aboard.

    I had a great day, even tho it rained like crazy and I stayed home..but at least I got a lot of cleaning done, even cleaned out the hall closet, now have 4 big bags to take to goodwill tomorrow.

    Ate: 2 boiled eggs w/homemade mayo inbetween 2 big romaine leaves. 1/2 apple, org.
    Lunch was big chicken breast, salad with arugula, toms, cukes, yellow squash, onions, EVOO & BV, green tea w/lime.
    Snack at 3pm, 10 walnut halves and 1/2 apple.
    Dinner was hamburger patty, onions, spinach w/parm and sliced cukes & sliced avocado, smidge of sour cream.
    4 strawberries and cream.
    I'm down 3 lbs since June 1. Lost 6 lbs in May. Doc told me she'd like me to lose 25-30 lbs to be in 145 range, I'm 5'8". DH said my face looks much thinner, DH aka sweetie pie

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