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Thread: Whole 30 for June

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    Day 2


    Coffee (black, no sweetener)

    11:30 am
    3 pasture-raised eggs scrambled in bacon grease, with dill and black pepper, and sauteed bell pepper, onion, garlic and mushrooms.
    3 slices uncured bacon
    Baked sweet potato
    Coffee (black, unsweetened)

    More water
    Oolong tea

    8:30 pm
    Veal chop seared in olive oil then baked, with leeks and shallots reduced in beef broth and portabella & shitake mushrooms sauteed in beef broth

    9:30 pm
    fresh strawberries and blueberries
    black unsweetened coffee

    3 Omega-3/fish oil (3,000 g)
    1 Vitamin D3 (5,000 IUs)

    TKD tournament class. Kill me now.

    I'm trying to get better about not snacking, not even on healthy Whole 30 foods. So when my friends munched on cheese and crackers (not Whole 30) and raw veggies (very Whole 30), I realized that I wasn't hungry, so I didn't eat. Dinner took forever to cook, but I didn't start getting an appetite until about 6:30 pm anyway -- and even though I was very hungry by the time we ate (8:30), I didn't overeat...because I stopped when I felt like I had enough. Cool. And even though my friends were drinking, they knew I was doing Whole 30, so they had drinks that I really don't like, so I wasn't even tempted. Huzzah!
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    My day went pretty well.

    2 eggs fried in bacon grease with pepper
    6 slices nitrate/nitrite free bacon

    2 hamburger patties (feed-lot beef, though)
    1/2 sweet potato sliced into fries and sauteed in coconut oil
    1/4 beet sliced and sauteed in coconut oil

    1 1/2 hamburger patties (at the race track - they were gross so I only ate a little bit)

    fresh cherries YUM!

    WOD: walking back and forth in front of 100 yards of bleachers chasing my daughter at the races. Sometimes carrying her, sometimes just following. Annoying. Also went shopping today and mosey'd through Walmart for an hour. Remade beds after washing laundry on 2 beds (hoping that helps with the allergy issues I have supposedly been dealing with for 3 weeks).

    Tomorrow, we're taking our boy fishing. Should be fun. That's going to qualify as "play" for me this week.

    So far, the only "difficulty" I've had is with the no dairy thing. I'm realizing just how much dairy I used to consume by stopping myself from consuming it. It's rather discouraging at times, but I know this is what I need to break the sugar habit and finally break below 200 lbs.
    Primal since March 5, 2012
    SW: 221 | CW: 204 | LPW: 166 | UGW: 140 (80 lbs loss)

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    Day 2

    No breakfast, went to the farmers market to stock up.

    Lunch - sausage, onion, red pepper frittata

    Dinner - sausage fille, bacon wrapped chicken breast, mashed sweet potatoe with olive oil, mange tout. Strawberries.

    WOD - weights

    Went to the cinema in the evening and snacked on pistacchios

    I've already noticed an improvement in my skin!
    Perseverance is not a long race; it is many short races one after the other.
    Walter Elliot

    I am a horse for a single harness, not cut out for tandem or teamwork; for well I know that in order to attain any definite goal, it is imperative that one person do the thinking and the commanding. Albert Einstein

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    Hey guys

    Bit slow on the posting, but I'm so keen for this month! Stoked to see everyone getting into it and doing so well Here's a summary of me so far:

    Goals: put a stop to some bad eating habits that have crept back in recently, and get back to feeling great on the PB Would also love to shake off the little bit of belly fat that's crept up since I fell off the wagon a few weeks ago.

    Starting weight: 64 kg (around 140lb), at around 5'9. This is wayy up from my usual weight of 58/59 kg/around 128/130lb. Some of it must've just been water weight, though, because I (naughtily) weighed today and was back down to 60.5kg/~133lb. So, not a lot to lose, but I'd loovve to be a muscly 56 or so kilos!

    Day One: the whatever-is-primal-and-left-in-the-fridge

    12.00: Liver cooked with coconut milk, onion, garlic, a little olive oil. Two tomatoes, fried in olive oil.

    3.00: Guacamole (avocado with lemon juice), with cucmber slices and capsiicum slices.

    7.00: Four mini quiches with eggplant, onion, assorted other veggies.

    Other: Two cups lemon/ginger tea

    Exercise: Nothing formal, but seven hours of walking around at work.

    Day Two: finally went to the markets and stocked up on yummy fresh stuff.

    11.30: Two small bananas, samples eaten as I walked around the market - a piece of buffalo sausage, some sweet potato roesti, a bite of some turkish snack - unfinished after I realised it had cheese and pastry in it.

    1.00: Salad of lettuce, tomato, capsicum, cucumber, with a splash of lemon juice and olive oil. Two pastured eggs fried in ghee.

    Snack: handful of almonds, ANOTHER banana (bad! too much fruit in one day)

    7.00: Salmon fillet, skin on, with a lemon juice/coconut oil/garlic sauce. Another salad, since the one at lunchtime was delicious! Same ingredients as before, plus some seaweed.

    Other: Two black coffees - organic, no sugar, no milk.

    Exercise: 45minute walk, with a sprint session at the end (eight sprints, maybe around 80% effort - not great, but I'm easing back into everything).

    Pretty pleased so far - not perfect, but alright. I'm excited to see how this affects me - I've never gone dairy-free before, even when I was otherwise almost totally primal. So this will be interesting. Sorry for the long post! But congrats guys, everyone's doing awesome so far!

    Ps: bought some fresh squid at the market today - not sure what to do with them! Any ideas?

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    Day 2 (The Graduation):

    Breakfast: 4 small pork sausage links, a young coconut (water and meat).

    Lunch: Tuna salad with homemade mayo, 1/2 avocado, a few pieces of steamed sweet potato.

    Snack (I got hungry during the very long, boring graduation): Roasted cashews. These were the only questionable item of the day, but not so bad.

    Dinner (at Mexican restaurant): Pulled pork. I subbed the rice and beans for a side salad. I also ate a bit of my cousin's steak.

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    I'm fired up, too. Yesterday, day 2, I was ready. It was gorgeous in the sweet sunny south so I stayed outside for the most part.
    Just had an apple and about 10 walnut halves for bkfast, after coffee and cream.

    Grilled an entire outdoor oven fullll of delish meats, chickens, hamburgers, ribs, nothing ever smelled as good, dogs were going nuts. Ate chicken salad stuffed in a gorgeous tomato with loads of arugula and green tea for lunch. Hamburger patty and a few ribs for supper with sautéed spinach, squash and onions and cukes with some of my first yellow cherry tomatoes of the season. Had a few strawberries with cream around 7pm.

    Swam a lot, treadmill for 4 miles, 2 in the morning, 2 at 8pm, gardened enough to get a damn tick on me, grosssss, then felt like they were crawling all over me, hot tub til I felt like they were gone. (to love nature as much as I do, I have a problem w/pests on me, phobia DH says.)

    Great day, tho. Bacon and eggs this morning, having chicken & spinach (I eat 2 lbs org baby spinach a wk) for lunch and BA salad w/ribs for supper. We're hiking this afternoon, probably bike riding with my niece before dark.

    Catch that moon tonite, absolutely gorgeous!!

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    I went to a 'do' today, sat near the food tent with veggie burgers (smell of fried onions!), lots of cakes, drinks etc i was very good and ate my salad and drank water. I was most tempted by a diet coke but decided it wasn't worth it

    Hulahoop 1 Temptation 0

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    Day 2 went well, skipped breakfest. Lunch and diner were the same, both a BAS with romain, Avocado, homemade salsa, sprouts, nitrate free roast beef and 2 hard boiled eggs each. It was so good and I wasn't in the mood to cook. Might have to cut down on the Avocado though because I think 2 in a day may be to much but they are so freaken good!!!

    Exercise was taking the kiddos to a city wide garage sale in a small town near mine and walking for about 2 hours till the kids were begging to just go home. Tired them out nicely.

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    So I have been studying endlessly for the past few weeks for my big CFA exam which meant my normal good eating habits went out the window. After finished the test yesterday I went out for a night of pretty heavy drinking with my friends who also took the test -- woke up feeling bloated, gross, and really out of shape. I'm starting a Whole 30 today.

    Here we go...
    It is always too early to quit.
    Went primal- 02/25/12, height: 5'6", starting weight: 143.0, current weight: 133.8

    "Doubt never stops. Neither do you."- Prove People Wrong.

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    Ok! I'm totally in! This is just what I need to get my butt in gear. It's going to be quite the challenge since I just moved back in with my CW parents. Husband is on an 8 month tour in Afghanistan so this will help pass some more time!!!

    Let's go!!!!

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