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    My fitness test includes a 2-mile run. After about 6 months of walking and sprinting, I cut my time from ~16 minutes to less than 14 minutes, with never having actually run two miles that entire time. This was at a steady weight and diet from one test to the next, and that 16 minutes had been my approximate time for 6-7 years, ever since I busted up my knee.

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    It's just one important piece of the puzzle. Slow movement, which for a fit person could be jogging, is the base of the fitness pyramid. Doing one without the other, leaves you short of your potential. As for losing weight and fat, I agree that diet is 80% of success. It doesn't have to be all sprinting either. Do Tabatas with weights or exercise to compliment the sprinting. Just don't drop the slow, lower heart rate movement.

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    It's a high-intensity, full body movement.

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    If sprints on land bother you, do them in the water like I do.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CaveWeirdo View Post
    It's still difficult to get my head around though. My body feels knackered after my run today but my mind is still going - 'Surely running less than 3 miles per week isn't enough? Surely less than 15 minutes isn't a real exercise session?' Please share any evidence, anecdotal or scientific, for why sprinting is actually an awesome lifestyle hack, and not just wishful thinking?
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    Well there is no doubt that sprints are beneficial exercise which not only increase your running capacity but also increase your stamina as well . Moreover, It is better to lose weight which is essential for increasing your energy and fitness level . Moreover, I would also be pleased to know from you about it .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hedonist2 View Post
    If sprints on land bother you, do them in the water like I do.
    Or on the water. Jesus style.

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    I believe dr Doug mcguff says anaerobic work (like sprints?) is better because it can trigger cells to do their own aerobic work processing lactic acid for a couple of hours after your anaerobic work while you are resting/recovering.

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    Some great thoughts guy, thanks.

    Sprints don't bother me, I enjoy them in a strange kind of way (more a psychological enjoyment than physical at this stage!). The thing that was bothering me was the thought that I might be slacking by doing less exercise!

    I also forgot to mention that I am doing plenty of the slow stuff too. I don't drive so I walk many miles a week, but I don't really count it as exercise since it's normal to me. Us Brits seem to walk to get from A to B, much more than most Americans do. Even my fella who sold his car this week and had to walk to work for a few days, didn't complain about having to walk 3 extra miles each day, even though he walks a lot at work and hates walking recreationally.
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