Hi all, I have been a vegetarian for the last 12 years until this month. Vegan for about 6 of those years, and raw-low-fat-vegan for nearly one of those years. The raw-low-fat-vegan experience was fabulous for weight loss, but pretty much a nightmare otherwise... my hair started falling out, my toenails cracked and started falling off, i looked a lot older, lack of energy, etc, etc, etc. Anyway, I was only ever a vegetarian for health reasons, not for animal rights or anything like that, so I didn't think I would have any emotional issues with returning to eating meat once I realized that vegetarianism is not for me. But now that I'm eating meat again, I'm having a really hard time doing it. It just grosses me out. Over the last month, I've gotten to where I can tolerate eating canned tunafish, and my husband will make mahi-mahi or cod that I will eat. I'm just wondering, have any of you other ex-vegetarians also gotten the heebie-geebies when you returned to meat eating? How did you get over it?