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Thread: Lactic acid calories?

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    Question Lactic acid calories?

    Some months ago I started doing my own yogurt and kefir at home. I also successfully converted the milk kefir grains into water kefir ones, which I use for many things, just to name some: to trigger the fermentation of sauerkraut or to prepare a carbonated drink with little to no sugars but which tastes great and is a bomb of beneficial bacteria.

    But... I've always been wondering about the metabolism of lactic acid. To start with, does it bring calories? How many (if any, I assume they are less than the sugar it comes from)? Or has it negative calories as the body must get rid of it somehow? Does it interfere with insulin? With ketosis? Is lactic acid safe in quantities, or just something to assume from time to time?

    I have been looking for answers but with little success: many different contradicting opinions and no definitive, scientifically proven, response.


    Thanks in advance!!!
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