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Thread: Journal of a Primal CO Girl

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    Primal CO Girl - On The Road to Healing GI Disease

    I'm mostly blogging about this at, but I figured that this might be a good place to journal as well.

    Been at this slowly but surely for a few weeks now, though got off track because of school and work. (The amount of baked goods they lavish on teachers at the end of the school year is just ridiculous! That I was able to resist most of them is no small feat of will for a carb addict like me) . . . my eating when I'm home to eat has been good though.

    This week, starting tonight with a 24 hour fast, I'm going to try and kick into high gear with a two week ketosis diet, try to get 40-50 carbs each day from organic fruits and veggies.

    I'm a little worried about my ability to maintain, and hoping this will help me get some good accountability.

    We'll call this day one of being a primal purist.
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