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Thread: Are There Any 'NORMAL' Paleo Recipes?

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    I love the website She has a lot of tasty looking crockpot recipes. I'm going to try the rump roast one soon

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    What do you like?
    If you like ethnic- try curries and stirfrys- serve over steamed spinach or just eat.
    If you like simple- grill/roast/sear meat and serve with whatever veggies you like.

    Here are a few of my go tos:
    Burrito bowl- pan seared chicken breast over diced sweet potato and spinach with salsa, cheese and avocado
    Crock pot pork roast- put a pork shoulder in a crock pot with of your choice, cook all day. Shred. Eat.
    Fish with salsa- mango salsa, roasted tomatoes with garlic and basil, avocado salsa, tomato salsa, pineapple salsa
    Burger covered with onions and mushrooms, or avocado and salsa
    Roast chicken with sweet potatos
    Salads with bacon and poached eggs

    Get a good book on preparing meats. Get a good book on preparing veggies. Done. Turn to places like Martha Stewart, Bon Appetit etc. for basic recipes. They generally have a good gold standard on basic preparations. I'd say 75% of non- dessert recipes in an issue of Bon Appetit are easy enough to make primal.

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