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Thread: Posture

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    Chiropractic perspective:

    Much of posture and alignment has been destroyed through modern lifestyle or trauma. Trauma can of course cause immediate joint dysfunction sprain/strain or more. In lifestyle though, particularly extended periods spent in the seated position which does cause poor alignment and ligamentous creep. Once ligamentous creep has progressed enough to produce joint dysfunction and misalignment of the spinal joints, neurology also becomes a prominent issue of the loop. Particularly increased nociceptive (not always associated with pain but it is one feature) feedback and reduced proprioceptive response. This change in neurological feedback causes more systemic rises in stress hormone and subsequent issues. This process gets worse with further decay of the spine (arthritis and degenerative disc disease). Wolfes law is obeyed in the deposit of bone spurs and further joint dysfunction ensues. This all together is was is referred to as vertebral subluxation (different from the medical meaning).

    Should you have these issues and catch them relatively early then lifestyle modification and specific exercises may well resolve them. If they progress a series of adjustments made to improve spinal mobility, alignment, and neurological afferent feedback (increased proprioception)....then a progressive strengthening and mobility exercise program may be used to further stabilize and prevent future issues. If decay has been present for decades and has reached an irreversible point continued adjustments as "maintenance" have been shown to help prevent relapses.

    I get my family and myself adjusted at least 1x/month for prevention. Of course I am biased . That said I am very interested in these links too. Education for the public on proper posture and movement is a grass routes effort. If people could actually see the decay in their spines (like the decay on their teeth) they would surely take better care. Spinal disorders are one of the top causes for disability. So if you want to remain active later in life better take care of it.

    And I do agree with..... "find out what you're doing that you shouldn't be doing and stop doing it. Take away what's interfering with normal functioning and "the right thing does itself"....unless permanent damage has been done.

    Of course this does go back to Primal and "remove toxic things". Nociception is "toxic" when in excess as poor posture produces. And you will be "deficient" in Proprioceptive feedback to the brain at the same time. So remove the toxicity and produce sufficient proprioception and the body (and your brain...seeing as proprioceptive feedback recharges the brain like a battery) will function as it should.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Neckhammer View Post
    Should you have these issues and catch them relatively early then lifestyle modification and specific exercises may well resolve them.
    This is the most important point to be made. If your not able to participate in what the OP linked to originally, you atleast need to perform regular prehab. Some sort of joint mobility program that takes you through all the ranges of movement your body is capable of.

    Everyone knows someone who is a little older who seems like they are in a straight jacket. They just can't move through ranges of motion like they should be able to. Part of that is going to be physical, but another part is neurological like OP and Neckhammer were saying. Tension you have but can't feel, or loss of mobility you don't even know your missing. Once you lose the mind-body link to a particular muscle or motion you have to work progressively and slowly to get it back.

    Intu Flow is just one of many Joint Mobility programs, it's the one i've chosen(happy with the continued results). There are many others, and your posture and continued range of motion will thank you for it.

    The Ageless Mobility program is an expansion upon Intu Flow. Its 90 minutes of deeper/longer movement through most of your bodies ranges of motion. It's sort of like Yoga specifically for your mobility. It's worth checking out.

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    Posture is definitely a problem for us today especially with spending many hours in front of the computer. This article tells us the importance of increasing our awareness in proper posture to avoid deformity and painful conditions that may occur later in life.

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