In a prior thread I asked about frequency of CrossFitting for a relatively out of shape 40-something year old. This past week I started CrossFitting and so far so good, but after the intro/"Baseline" workout I was really dizzy and felt a bit 'out of it' the next day. So I ate a lot more carbs than I usually do, mostly in the form of bananas and coconut milk, and some yogurt.

But I'm concerned that adding in these carbs will cause me to either bulk up or gain weight, which I don't want to do. I don't care about the scale number, but after successfully dropping 65 pounds and maintaining it for 6 months pretty effortlessly, the last thing I want to do is see it come back.

After only two CrossFit sessions (the baseline and a single one-on-one 'Fundamentals' class), I already see and feel noticeable physical changes, which is astonishing to me - I see the "V" shape more clearly from my chest to gut, though my gut still is flabby. And I definitely notice more muscular definition. So I'm STOKED about the possibilities of CrossFit. BUT....I don't *feel* as good. I feel a bit sluggish still. And I'm eating a lot more, thinking I need to to compensate for the increase in physical activity. This has concerned me as I have a fear of getting fat again, and I don't want to do that just to crossfit : )

Then, this morning I saw this:

CrossFit On a Low Carb Paleo Diet: Mat Lalonde Reporting

Mat Lalonde states it took him a couple of weeks to get acclimated to a low-carb paleo diet while crossfitting, but once he did, he excelled. Something tells me that a super-fit guy like him is someone I probably shouldn't be comparing my flabby-gut 40-something self to, but it's the best I've come up with in terms of my simple question:

Aside from the carbs I get from non-starchy vegetables, do I need to add more carbs? Or should I just focus on adding more fat and protein?

This past week I was thinking I need to carb-load/refeed/delve into gluttony : ) But after reading Mat's article, I'm thinking I'm going to try sticking out a couple of weeks of CrossFit (and later this coming week it will be real WODs, as I am set to finish Fundamentals on Tuesday with a monster 1.5 hour personal training session).

Has anyone here been through this? I'm really hoping someone has had this same concern, experienced the sluggishness/lethargy when starting CrossFit (or a similar high-intensity program) and 'stuck it out' for a couple of weeks and can state their results?

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