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    Quote Originally Posted by Ribbons View Post
    Right, ok thanks I get it. I'll go to the dr by myself and just get it over with. And hopefully I won't change my mind
    Don't change your mind. You can do this, Ribbons. We're rooting for you!

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    How are things going?
    Billie trips balls

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    I fell off the wagon and had wheat and stuff for a couple of days but now I'm back to eating primal and I'm going to try to just get into the habit of eating meals instead of snacking because I think I've put on a lot of weight
    But at least I'm ok with food now so there's no need to go to the doctor . I just keep having to remind myself that if I starve myself I'll lose muscle and then I'll binge and put on weight and I'll end up obese with no muscles.

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    There is still every reason to go to the doctor.

    This has never been about food or weight. It's been about anxiety.

    When you were under the stress/pressure of exams, the anxiety crescendo-ed into these strange fixations on weight/diet. Now that you have months before a new set of exams, it's eased up, and you're feeling like it's no worry.

    But next exam time, it's going to come again. Honestly, because it's how you fixate when under your anxiety.

    So, go and get treatment for anxiety at the very least.

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